Impact of particulate air pollution on the damage of buildings

Impact of particulate air pollution on the damage of buildings

Client: University of Vienna, Institute of Experimental Physics

Date: 02/1995-06/1996

Location: Austria


Influence of polluted air on the appearance of historic buildings.

It is a particularly important research project for Europe, as many historic valuable buildings are exposed to a very aggressive atmosphere and research is being done on the exploration of the mechanisms involved in the formation and the rapid development of different aerosol ponds and the changes in the surface structure by the particles.

The danger to heritage from air pollution comes from two main sources –gases that increase the corrosively of the atmosphere and black particles that dirty light-colored surfaces. The main mechanism of the former occurs when acid chemicals are incorporated into rain, snow, fog or mist. Familiar as “acid rain”, the “acid” comes from oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen, largely products of domestic and industrial fuel burning and related to tow strong acids: sulphuric acid and nitric acid.

Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (Nox) released from power stations and other sources from acids where the weather is wet, which fall to the Earth as precipitation and damage both heritage materials and human health.

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