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Eco-Consul is a sustainable development consultancy and training provider of high quality customized services. Our capabilities and resources range from consulting, research, policy formulation and analysis, capacity building and project management. Our international experts come from different industries and disciplines to deliver your desired results, combining the technical and managerial competencies.
To this end, we work with the business sector and local governments to provide measurement and advisory services
As a consulting company, our support covers a diverse range of services, including obtaining all necessary authorizations and administrative decisions concerning environmental protection for the companies, particularly production facilities, preparing studies, and providing expertise and training for the local authorities.
Our approach is customized, preceded by a thorough analysis of the formal and legal requirements and engagement in ongoing cases
Eco-Consul has a team of professional engineers & scientists with extensive experience in all aspects of environmental engineering and social professionals who strive to bring success to our clients by enabling accurate, informed, and reliable decision-making for successful project outcomes.
Our activities support the client´s endeavor from the initial design phase of the project through closure and evaluation, mainly in the following fields:

Eco-Consul cooperates with many consultation offices locally and overseas and also attracts distinguished experts from all over the world to ensure better performance and strength of the work.

Our services and communications are available in English Arabic, and German.

Our Team

Eco-Consul cooperates with many consultation offices locally and overseas and also attracts distinguished experts from all over the world to ensure better performance and strength of the work. 

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Our Values

honesty, transparency, leadership, innovation, social, responsibility, long-term focus, care for people, customer orientation, and environment`s consciousness.

Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing top-notch learning solutions and expertise services to help solve our stakeholders challenges  in particular in climate change mitigation, providing solutions to water stress and designing infrastructure adapted to new realities.

Our Mission

To formulate outstanding solutions with long-term sustainable impact by proactively developing the human capital through harnessing a competent team of international professionals in different disciplines to bring value and fruition to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To generate solutions that align with the pillars of sustainable development Goals (SDG), aiming at achieving business sustainability and development for the well-being of society,
now and in the future.

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