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Noise pollution in Damascus

Client: Atomic Energy Commission (AECS) / Damascus Governorate . Date: 02/2003-01/2004 Location: Syria Description: Noise pollution in the old city of Damascus Tasks carried out: Noise monitoring; outdoor sound levels, Noise dispersion Study. Outdoor noise levels were measured at 11 sites in the old city of Damascus. Sound level meter Model NC- 10 with a …

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Noise pollution in Aleppo

Client: European-Arabian Environmental Protection Conference, Rostock University. Date: 04/2001 Location: Germany Description: Noise pollution in Aleppo city Indoor and outdoor sound levels were measured in different sites of Aleppo city, using sound level meter Type 2219 (Brueland Kiaer company, Denmark). The results show that the outdoor sound levels were higher than WHO (World Health Organization) …

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