Advanced International Programmed on Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Advanced International Programmed on Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Client / Institution: Swedish meteorological hydrological institute (SHMI), and the Environment Research and Study Center Jordan University.

Date: 10/2010 – 05/2011

Location: Sweden / Jordan


Assess the potential Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in Syria.

The report Presented at the advanced international scholarship programme on Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation for Middle East and North Africa regions (MENA).

The main themes of the Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation programme are:

–        The greenhouse effect and the consequences of Climate Change

–        Community planning including vulnerable sectors, interdisciplinary planning and cost benefit analysis.

–        Effects on water resources and costal zones.

–        Impacts on agriculture and forestry, and the need for preventive action.

–        Strategic planning of potential positive consequences of Climate Change.

–        Information, education and public participation.

–        Strategic planning to counteract the causes of Climate Change.

–        Strategic choices of development projects for a sustainable and strategic social planning, considering Climate Change.


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