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Having worked for years in a particular industry, you’ve gained valuable experience that no one else has. Your specific insights, no matter how niche, can contribute to critical decisions. You can join one of the important networks of distinguished knowledge and technology leaders in the world. Your expertise will play a crucial role in projects through one-on-one knowledge sharing – always at your discretion. And with our dedicated team members by your side, you can expect a seamless and, ultimately, gratifying experience. You can trust us to provide an effective and valuable experience.

How does Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN) WORK?

Eco-Consul seeks experts (on short-term contracts) in the field of environmental and engineering studies.

The Concept of our Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN): 

Eco-Consul engages experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects as consultants. Those consultants would work temporarily on projects (this is not a full time or part time job).
The nature of the work is consisted of results-oriented tasks such as: writing a report or analyzing data or surveying sites or reviewing a report, or other studies related tasks.
The nature of some reports needs so many consultantship various areas.
cover a small task in his own field of study, another would review, a third would combine, analyze, and edit,  However some of our studies would hire more than ten consultants.

To illustrate for one big project, we might hire more than twenty consultants from our Eco Consul Expert Network (ECEN).
The type of projects is varied from a very small plant or industry or a mechanical workshop to build an airport or seaport or establishing an industrial city or establishing a resort island.  

Types of projects we could deal with

The experts might work in one or more of these types of Projects:

Power plants

Bridges and Tunnels

Railways construction

Gas stations



Steel industry

Pesticide industry

Wastewater plants

Plastic industry

Packaging industry


Petrochemical industry

Food Industry

Storages Fertilizing industry

Oil refinery station

Agricultural projects

Chicken Farms

General Workshops

Mining activities

Oil & Gas Field Exploration




The Application Process of Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN):

1) Applying, (Consultant Role)
 2) Paper screening, (Our HR role)
3) Interview Screening, (Our HR role)
4) Signing a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, (Consultant Role)
5) Listing as an expert in our Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN)to become a nominated consultant for future projects.
6) Offer a results-oriented contract, (Our HR role):
When the first opportunity is available in one of the projects that we implement for our clients and that is related to the competence of the consultant, we present a presentation to the consultant that contains the nature of the mission, its duration, costs, and quality standards related to it.
7) Sign a contract for each task or sub-project, (Consultant Role):
Upon acceptance and signature of the consultant on the contract concluded to carry out the mission, implementation begins and a team from the project is formed to follow up with the consultant.
8) Submitting the deliverables agreed in the contract, (Consultant Role)
9) Reviewing the deliverables, (Our Management role):
Reviewing the results to ensure quality and revise them so that the consultant can in the event of deficiencies or sub-qualities are agreed, and the process continues until the results are accepted.
10) Accepted & submitted the payment and closing the project, (Our HR role) Acceptance of the outputs, followed by project closing, termination of the contract and delivery of the full payment to the consultant.
11) Going back to process from step 6 again to a new offer for a new appropriate opportunity for the same consultant. (Our HR role) and so on. A Further illustration of the processes: 
After submitting the application (1) and passing the screening processes (2, 3), the individual consultant would be listed in our Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN). (4) Eco-Consul is working on establishing its own Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN) in the field of various environmental and engineering studies. To build trust between the individual consultants and our ECEN, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Cooperation shall be signed by the two parties (5). When a project (i.e., capacity building or environmental impact assessment project) arises raises in the field of one of our consultants. A draft contract would be sent to the specific consultants with a full description of the tasks, time, nature of deliverables (TOR), and the payment (6). Signing a consulting contract between the two parties is essential to start the project (7). After submitting the report or the task (as in the contract) (8), a reviewing process would be conducted (9) to approve the task and submit the payment to the consultants (10).

Payment Modality:

Payments under the contract shall be delivery-based and be made on receipt of the specific
milestone deliverable reports [or tasks] indicated in the contract. These shall be made upon
approval by the chief of Eco-Consul Expert Network (ECEN). Upon receipt of final comments,
the consultant shall finalize the report [or tasks] for formal acceptance by our team at which
point the final payment shall be released.
Payment methods: Back Account Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal.

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