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Innovation and Excellence for Sustainable Development

Sharing knowledge provides perpetuity to ones achievements. Add value today by sharing your insights, and you could help influence major business decisions in the future. 

Join the Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN)

Having worked for years in a particular industry, you’ve gained valuable experience that no one else has. Your specific insights, no matter how niche, can contribute to critical decisions. You can join one of the important networks of distinguished knowledge and technology leaders in the world. Your expertise will play a crucial role in projects through one-on-one knowledge sharing – always at your discretion. And with our dedicated team members by your side, you can expect a seamless and, ultimately, gratifying experience.


You can trust us to provide an effective and valuable experience.

How does Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN) WORK?

Eco-Consul seeks experts (on short-term contracts) in the field of environmental and engineering studies. The Concept of our Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN): 

Eco-Consul engages experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects as consultants. Those consultants would work temporarily on projects (this is not a full time or part time job). The nature of the work is consisted of results-oriented tasks such as: writing a report or analyzing data or surveying sites or reviewing a report, or other studies related tasks. 

The nature of some reports needs so many consultants in various areas. One consultant would cover a small task in his own field of study, another would review, a third would combine, analyze, and edit. However, some of our studies would hire more than a ten consultants. 


To illustrate, for one big project, we might hire more than twenty consultants from our Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN). The type of projects are varied from a very small plant or industry or a mechanical workshop to build an airport or seaport or establishing an industrial city or establishing a resort island. 

Types of projects we could deal with:

The experts might work in one or more of these types of Projects:


Infrastructures, Power plants, Bridges and Tunnels, Railways construction, Gas stations, Incinerators, Landfills, Steel industry, Pesticide industry, Wastewater plants, Plastic industry, Packaging industry, Slaughterhouses Tanneries, Petrochemical industry, Food Industry, Storages Fertilizing industry, Oil refinery station, Agricultural projects, Chicken Farms, General Workshops, Mining activities, Oil & Gas Field Exploration, Parks, Resorts, Hotels, Central Malls, Seaports, ,…etc.

The Application Process of Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN):

1) Applying, (Consultant Role)

 2) Paper screening, (Our HR role)

3) Interview Screening, (Our HR role)

4) Signing a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, (Consultant Role)

5) Listing as an expert in our Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN)to become a nominated consultant for future projects.

6) Offer a results-oriented contract, (Our HR role):

When the first opportunity is available in one of the projects that we implement for our clients and that is related to the competence of the consultant, we present a presentation to the consultant that contains the nature of the mission, its duration, costs, and quality standards related to it.

7) Sign a contract for each task or sub-project, (Consultant Role):

Upon acceptance and signature of the consultant on the contract concluded to carry out the mission, implementation begins and a team from the project is formed to follow up with the consultant.

8) Submitting the deliverables agreed in the contract, (Consultant Role)

9) Reviewing the deliverables, (Our Management role):

Reviewing the results to ensure quality and revise them so that the consultant can in the event of deficiencies or sub-qualities are agreed, and the process continues until the results are accepted.

10) Accepted & submitted the payment and closing the project, (Our HR role)

Acceptance of the outputs, followed by project closing, termination of the contract and delivery of the full payment to the consultant.

11) Going back to process from step 6 again to a new offer for a new appropriate opportunity for the same consultant. (Our HR role) and so on. Further illustration of the processes: 

After submitting the application (1) and passing the screening processes (2, 3), the individual consultant would be listed in our Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN). (4) Eco-Consul is working on establishing its own Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN) in the field of various environmental and engineering studies. To build a trust between the individual consultants and our EEN, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Cooperation shall be signed by the two parties (5). When a project (i.e., capacity building or environmental impact assessment project) arises raises in the field of one of our consultants. A draft contract would be sent to the specific consultants with full description of the tasks, time, nature of deliverables (TOR) and the payment (6). Signing a consulting contract between the two parties is essential to start the project (7). After submitting the report or the task (as in the contract) (8), a reviewing process would be conducted (9) to approve the task and submit the payment to the consultants (10).

Payment Modality:

Payments under the contract shall be delivery based and be made on receipt of the specific milestone deliverable reports [or tasks] indicated in the contract. These shall be made upon approval by the chief of Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN). Upon receipt of final comments, the consultant shall finalize the report [or tasks] for formal acceptance by our team at which point the final payment shall be released.


Payment methods: Back Account Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal. 

To be one of our Consultants, apply here

We hire consultants per task in all fields of environmental and engineering projects. We are building a global eco-consul platform for experts. No board would restrict our networks. The flow of knowledge is crossing the board of countries, we are not limited by locations. You can do consultation no matter where you are. Your knowledge would be flow through channels that we would build with our clients and partners. 


Terms and Conditions

Eco-Consul Terms and Conditions:

The Terms & Conditions and Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreement govern the business relationship between Experts and Eco-Consul Partners. They represent a legally binding contract and must be respected by both contracting parties. Expert shall mean individuals who have special expert knowledge and who are willing to offer their expertise to the customers of Eco-Consul (“Expert”).

1.     Subject matter of the contract

1.1.      By accepting the Terms & Conditions and Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreement, Experts agree to join the Eco-Consul Expert Network (EEN), a network of individuals who have special expert knowledge and who are willing to offer their expertise to the customers of Eco-Consul.

1.2.      Experts who register with the Eco-Consul Expert Network give their assurance that the biographic information supplied is correct and undertake never to disseminate false or misleading information to Eco-Consul and its customers.

2.     Acceptance and rejection of requests for consultation

2.1.    Experts can participate in consultations on a project by project basis and are allowed to accept only those requests that do not raise a conflict of interest and that relate to subjects they are allowed to discuss without violating any legal or contractual obligations with third parties.

2.2.    Experts have the right not to share knowledge relating to topics which may cause a conflict of interest for them.

2.3.    Experts shall give their assurance that they are not registered and/or working as financial advisors/investment advisors and that they are not acting as intermediaries, agents or representatives of a financial advisor/investment advisor. Experts undertake not to offer any investment, legal, medical, accounting or other regulated advice. This obligation also relates expressly to consulting and trading recommendations (purchase, sale or other forms of trade) in relation to securities of any kind.

3.     Self-employment and Remuneration

3.1.    Experts give their assurance that they are not Eco-Consul employees nor predominantly working for Eco-Consul. Experts are solely responsible for the taxation of their income and the payment of contributions to social security institutions.

3.2.    Remuneration is agreed with Eco-Consul on a project by project basis. Experts shall submit Expert Payment Details (“EPD”) or invoices for consultations within eight weeks of the consultation. The first one hour of the consultation should be used for both parties to clarify the scope of the project. Should the call be terminated within the first one hour (by either party), then payment will not be processed.

3.3.    Experts are not entitled to claim payments for invoices/EPD that are not submitted within eight weeks after the consultation. Costs of payment transactions are to be borne by the Expert. Invoices are valid for payment only with the inclusion of correctly completed Expert Payment Details. In case incorrect bank account information is provided, Eco-Consul is at liberty to charge a flat-rate sum of €25.00 for costs related to incorrect transactions and to offset this against the remuneration of the Expert.

4.     Secrecy, Compliance and Non-Disclosure Agreement

4.1.    Experts shall maintain secrecy in respect to all confidential information communicated or made accessible to them by Eco-Consul and its customers after the end of a consultation.

4.2.    Experts are under no circumstances permitted to reveal or pass on their knowledge of any information which may be confidential or protected by law and/or regulations.

4.3.    Experts are under no circumstances permitted to use the confidential information for any other purpose than the purpose agreed between the parties and they shall not use the confidential information in violation of applicable security laws.

4.4.    Confidential information within the meaning of this agreement is (a) all verbal or written operating and business secrets, documents, and other information and materials with which experts are entrusted for the execution of the project and which are labelled confidential or whose confidentiality results from its subject matter or other circumstances; and (b) the services commissioned and other work results.

4.5.    Experts undertake to treat all confidential information directly or indirectly acquired by them in strict confidence and not to pass such information on to third parties without the prior written permission of Eco-Consul. This does not apply to such confidential information Experts are required by applicable mandatory laws to disclose to public authority provided that Experts have informed Eco-Consul in advance thereof.

4.6.    All verbal or written business information, documents and other materials with which experts are entrusted for the execution of the project are confidential and cannot be passed on to or shared with any third parties without the prior written permission of Eco-Consul. Documentation issued as well as work documents and materials are to be returned or destroyed on request. Eco-Consul may request a verification of the destruction.

5.            Privacy

5.1.    Eco-Consul provides detailed information about the processing of personal data of Experts under https://Eco-Consul.com/Terms-Conditions /

6.          Copyrights and Consent for recording

6.1.    Eco-Consul is exclusively entitled to all rights to the services and work results provided by Experts in the framework of a consultation. The associated documents, including all data carriers, shall become the property of Eco-Consul at the point at which they come into existence. The works must be furnished with a designation of authorship or with the name of the respective Expert.

6.2.    In relation to Experts, Eco-Consul has the sole right to use the works as it sees fit or to allow others to use them as they see fit, or to grant rights of use to third parties as they see fit.

6.3.    For the purposes of quality control, improving the products of Eco-Consul and training of Eco-Consul team members, the Experts provide their express consent that Eco-Consul has the right to transcribe the interviews & conversations with Experts. All call participants’ names will remain confidential at all times and all data will be processed and handled in accordance with our privacy policy and sanitized before being utilized. Any recordings made for transcription purposes will be deleted within 1 business day.

7.            Various

7.1.    Eco-Consul reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions and Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreement from time to time by posting the amended version on the website of Eco-Consul. All changes are effective upon publication and communication to Experts, provided that Experts have not disagreed in written form within a period of four weeks after publication. If Experts disagreed, Eco-Consul shall be permitted to de-register Experts and to cancel the EEN membership accordingly.

7.2.    Both Eco-Consul and Experts shall have the right to cancel EEN membership without giving reasons and with immediate effect.


7.3.    If any of the provisions of the Terms & Conditions and Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreement is null and void, the Terms & Conditions and Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreement remains for the rest. However, Eco-Consul and the Expert agree to immediately replace the invalid provision by an as closely as possible, legally permissible provision. 

We will then ask you to fill in a short “classification of expertise” sheet.

Are you registered already and wish to update your CV or contact details?

Please be aware that having an updated CV at hand when ECO Consult search for a candidate may be decisive for placements. Using our specific CV update link is an easy way to keep us informed. Please click this link, which is reserved for communication with our registered experts, and send us your CV as an electronic attachment. Ms. Angelika Kranich is pleased to answer any technical questions.

Please contact Mr. Michel Midré for any questions of classifying your area of expertise or privileged regional focus, of ECO’s placement procedures or related questions. Consult our TEAM pages to identify specific team members for more individual requests.